Thursday, January 10, 2013

Exploring Electricity

Over the last month, we have been working our way through The Magic School Bus - Jumping Into Electricity kit & The Magic School Bus And The Electric Field Trip book

Miss K and I created graphic novel style note booking pages for her to record her observations and results of the electricity experiments. She came up with the ideas, I drew it.

The experiments in the kit were really fun and clearly explained. The guide is laid out a lot like the Magic school bus books. Miss K could follow the instructions and enjoyed reading the explanations and background information.
I like to explain things with models. My models are not conventional. Here we are using plastic fruit to represent the atoms and the green pom pom is the electron jumping from each atom. Apparently Miss K has picked up this trait because when I asked her what she already knew about electricity she pulled out four crayons to show me that it can only flow if the 'circuit wasn't broken'.
This pictures I got were from the Static electricity experiments....
The circuits were a real hit with the Piwi's too! By the time we packed up the Christmas lights (after Three Kings day) Miss K could explain how they worked!
Some other kits we are going to include in our Science curriculum
Polymers & Slime

Exploring Flight

Light science

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