Friday, January 4, 2013

M is for Magnets

At the start of the week we were still talking about opposite charges with our Magic School bus electricity experiments. I realized that the magnets on our Thomas trains were a perfect example of attraction. Mini Piwi was really interested so while Miss K worked on her Electricity notebook pages, I got out the big magnets. I showed Mini Piwi how much stronger they were than the one on the trains. She thought it was all hilarious!

I had some experiment sheets for Miss K to do with Magnets but no printables for Mini Piwi. Her enthusiasm inspired me to make a quick 'M is for Magnet sheet'. Today we had a mini scavenger hunt to find all the items on the sheet. The cat was the hardest to find as he was asleep up high in a bedroom.
....the leaf didn't move!

The spoon sticks!
 Mini Piwi put a sticker by the things that the magnet could pull. She then went all around the kitchen looking for other things that she could pick up. A word of warning about working with Magnets...make sure your wallet/handbag/computer is out of the way. These things don't like magnets as much as Preschoolers do!

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