Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3 Ocean themed Sensory activities

I had read about the purpose of Sensory bins at A purpose driven home. Seemed like a good idea for Mini Piwi so I gave it a go for Advent. It went so well, I was inspired to try again with this week's letter of the week, O (for Ocean). This week we found a pile of sea life books at the library. We chose some with beautiful underwater photos. The one Mini Piwi likes to sit and look at over and over is

Last week we borrowed at least 6 of the scholastic Math themed readers because Mini Piwi was so caught up in them. They turned out to be fun for Miss K too. One of them is
Math in the Kitchen (Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers: Everyday Math). I am a fan of anything that makes Math practical and fun. Anyway...back to Oceans...

This week we had 3 Ocean themed Sensory experiences. I say experiences because only one was a traditional 'bin'.

The Ocean Shape box & Letter racing

Everyone wants to have a look!

was full of connector blocks, counters and pipe cleaners. Hidden it there were the Sea creatures that will be popping up in allsorts of activities this week.

One crazy activity in particular is popular...I have also been hiding them in odd places to surprise the piwi's. If they find one they yell 'O' and everyone races to tag the Letter O we have on the Letter of the week board.

The Mini Ocean squeeze bag

I had some hotel toiletries that were a nice shade of blue. Mini Piwi had a great time squeezing it from the bottles and tubes. She added water and glitter, shells and sea creatures. Apparently it was great fun to make her ocean stormy and waving and then let it settle again.

Sink Ocean

I surprised Mini Piwi with a kitchen sink of warm bubbles and a scoop. Under all the bubbles were plastic stars, fish and crabs. She spent twenty minutes 'fishing' while I cooked dinner and Big sis got to play on the computer without a shadow.

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