Friday, May 25, 2012

Plant unit wrap-up

I wanted to show off all the hard work Miss K put into her Plant unit Study!
Here is the finished (very large) lapbook...

Parable of the sower mini book , collage of plants we eat, definition of vegetable and drawings of favorite veggies

List of what we use plants for, edible plant part match up

Labeling plant parts, observation of a plant (snapdragon)

Definition of a stem, Results from an investigation of water flow through a celery stem

Labeling of a seed, observation of a soaked chickpea

Leaf study

Definition of roots and Chlorophyll minibook

Leaf mini book

Definition of fruit and flowers and drawings of favorites

Types of tree word find, tree part labeling

How maple syrup is made mini book

What I learn't about trees by Miss K

I made up most of the lap book parts with the activities and worksheets from this book:
It seems to be out of print but it still looks readily available on amazon, alibris and ebay for less than $10. It is full of great resources for plants, animals, the human body, geology, forces...

Here is a list and the links to of all our activities:
Stems are plant straws: learning how plants transport water
Organic gardening kit -Growing tomatoes and lettuce
Seed germination experiment:
Mini House
Community garden nature study
Deciduous and Evergreen tree hunt nature study
Making seed 'handbags'

Online resources we used

Parable of the sower resources (including the mini book we used)
Community garden locator for nature studies
Tree shape printable for poems, writing etc
Parts of plant worksheet
TLC Plant activities for kids
Science game for kids -Grow your own plants