Friday, March 16, 2012

Seeds of Change Organic kids growing kit review

I have tried (and enjoyed) the food products from seeds of change. The other day I was at our local Sprouts and was surprised to see a display of DIY gardening kits. It turns out they were in the organic seed business before they started making yummy pasta sauces and chocolate. Oops, my bad! To be fair though after living in apartments and hotels for the last six years, we haven't really been in the market for gardening products. There were several different varieties but I settled on the more Kid friendly lettuce and carrot kit.
Seeds of change kids kit

Miss K followed the instructions and planted them herself. The soil was actual soil rather than dried granules like Miracle grow or freeze dried tablets I have also seen. I am hoping this soil will be more successful than the Miracle grow kit we are also 'growing' at the moment.