Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seed germination experiment

Miss K has set up an experiment to investigate whether temperature effect the speed of germination.
She made two 'germination bags'. These were damp paper towels in zip lock bags with four different seed types in them. The bags had been stapled so the seeds had little 'shelves' to sit on. I think the photo explains it better...

Seeds in warm area: Day 3
1. white bean 2. Cucumber 3. Tomato 4. Grass
 Miss K placed one bag in a cool place (a bedroom by an a/c vent) and one in a warm place (the kitchen).
Each day she has recorded any growth. Her Hypothesis is that the seeds in the warmer area will grow faster.
Day 4: comparing seeds in warm and cool areas

Mini piwi did it her way and shoved multiple very paper towels and a good handful of beans in her bag and they are doing very well!
Once again I have been reminded that sometimes you get a better result when you color outside the lines!