Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nature Study of the Community gardens

I was inspired by several books and blogs, to make more time for Nature study. We don't have much of a garden but we do have two amazing community gardens nearby.
This weeks we visited one of the gardens. I let the Piwis led the way, they touched and smelled and asked so many questions (,many of which I was able to answer because my parents and grandparents passed so much of their knowledge about nature to me).. They showed me plants they wanted to take pictures of. We are planning to go back and sketch and complete rubbings.
Looking at raspberries ripening on the vine

Smelling lemon balm

Exploring the veggie patches

The piwis were so excited to see onions growing

spot the butterfly!

looking at peas and beans
To find a Community Garden near you visit the American Community  Garden Association to do a quick search!

The book I was reading...

"Join the ranks of Legendary Learners – big thinkers, creators, leaders and achievers who earned success on their own terms. Read about famous homeschoolers such as:
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  • Thomas Edison
  • Agatha Christie
  • Robert Frost
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  • Walt Whitman
Find out what these legends had in common, how they were raised and how they found success. Their fascinating stories will inspire you to think about homeschooling in a whole new way – beyond curriculum, test scores and “keeping up with the school kids.” from their website:

I had no idea so many of these great minds were educated at home, How about you?