Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY 'Find it' style game for lil kids

Have you seen the 'Find it' games. It is basically a plastic tube filled with plastic rice and lots of tiny 'treasures' to find. The concept is great for older kids, DD7 spent ages playing with a friend's one. For letter X week I decided to try and make a Pre k version as one of our treasure hunts activities.

A bottle would be perfect but we only had glass ones -a scary option for a toy! We went in a differnet directions an made a find it 'box' from a 2lb berry container. The shape turned out to be great for little hands to hold, tilt and shake.
After a scavenger hunt to find little items to include,  I took a picture of the treasures and printed a copy. Mini Piwi could refer to the card to check what else she needed to find.
Mini Piwi used various scoops and cups to fill the plastic container 3/4 full with our well used sensory box beans. We stirred in the 'treasures' and sealed up the box with tape.
 Mini Piwi was pretty happy with her 'treasure chest'. It turned out to be pretty tricky to find everything but we all had fun trying!