Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sir Cumference Inspired Co-ordinate Mapping Skills Activity

Miss K (7) was a princess fan until last year when she gradually started moving away from all things pink and frilly and became animal crazy instead. Now that she is 'over Princesses' we set out to find something about Knights for this month's theme. Miss K chose:

Sir Cumference and the Viking's map is the latest, in a series of books, by Math Teacher Cindy Neuschwander.  When we first read this title, we hadn't read the earlier ones. This didn't seemed to matter though.

Without giving away any of the other adventures, Sir Cumference is a knight of Camelot, married to Lady Di of Ameter. They have a son named Radius. When the book starts Radius and his Cousin, Per have become lost during a horse ride in the forest. While trying to find their way home they
discover a treasure map created by a legendary Viking Xaxon Yellowbearyd. Can the map guide them home...and to treasure? It won't be easy:  the cousins don't understand how to read the map's strange numbered grids and they have bandits following them!

Miss K liked the adventure story a lot and was surprised to find out that co-ordinate mapping was Math!  This book introduces co-ordinate graphing in a way that Miss K had no trouble understanding. Other titles include topics such as Place value, decimals and area. I appreciate any effort made to make Math understandable and fun and Ms Neuschwander has thought of a topic that can be enjoyed by Girls and Boys. Athough it is a picture book our Librarian assures me that older kids still like the series because they 'get' more of the math puns.

In order to have our own graphing adventure Miss K and I made up a map.
All the locations on the map were Medieval themed.  At this point what Miss K didn't know was that they actually related to something near our home.

Without the kids knowing I set up a treasure hunt for them, leaving co-ordinate clues at each location. The neighbors were polite enough not to ask what I was up to.

On treasure hunt day we set off with the map and first clue. And a scooter. Mini Piwi had to take the scooter.

They found 'rabbit feild' which was actually neighbours' animal scultpures
and the 'creepy Tree'

There was a lot of map consulting
But eventually they found the treasure locked away in the ' Secret Message chest" also known as our Mailbox.  No pictures of the treasure because my hands were busy unwrapping gold chocolate coins!

Mini Piwi chose:

Dragons love Tacos, by Adam Rubin, turned out to be a great choice! From the title we know what you should serve at a Dragon part. However a little boy throwing a Dragon party discovers the hard way why you should stick with Mild salsa. The story is as funny as the illustrations.

Mini Piwi decided to make a blue egg carton dragon. She took a lot of care painting it and then we let it dry. The following day I suggest we go back to finish her dragon. Dhe told me that it was finished, it already had a tail. Oops.

We really enjoyed being a part of the Poppins Book Nook this month. Here are all the blogs taking part. Please go visit them to see what they are sharing for about all things Royal.

Come back next month for:  Wizards!