Saturday, February 9, 2013

A week of highlights

We decided to wrap up the week a bit differently and come up with favorite moments in the week by looking back on the pictures I had taken. The week had a few unexpected hiccups so it was good to be able to go back and see just how much we had done. Aot of the pictures come from bigger activities I have unfinished posts about. I'll add links as I get to them :-)

Miss K's highlights were:
  1. Enjoying 75 degree weather at the park even though it is still technically winter 
  2. Sewing a Valentines day dress for Blue teddy
  3. Sending an update letter to the Rescue center we adopted our Siamese Kitty (Perry) from 16 months ago.
  4. Making Tuna patties for Daddy
  5. Researching online about Cacao farming in the Philippines for her time line project this week.  Miss  K enjoys learning history when it involves the subject of Chocolate
  6. Doing her lesson with Perry's help

Mini Piwi liked all the photos so I chose some favorites
  1. Playing with her Alpha pops and holding them up so Miss K and I could call out the letter and a silly word that starts with the letter.
  2. Sorting her 'treasure' into colors and trying very hard to count them 
  3. Stacking her monkeys and trying to be like big sis and adding them out loud '2 + 5, 4,3...'
  4. Practicing letter O in the the goop we made together
  5. Concentrating extra hard to cut out her drawing