Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meet Perry

We have welcomed a new member of the family. Nearly two months ago we adopted a very handsome Siamese kitty from one of the most amazing rescue groups Texas Siamese rescue.
I was a bit concerned that the cats would be wary of a toddler however, it was Sunbeam that choose Mini piwi. Miss K had decided long ago that any cat we had would be called Perry (After Perry the Platypus) so Sunbeam became Perry.

The Stages of Perry
The I'm staying right here stage

The I will just sit here and watch you but I'm not coming out stage

Getting comfortable in the bathroom but still wary stage

I like the kitchen now but don't look at me stage

The this chair is now mine stage (coincidentally this is the same stage Mini Piwi is in)

The first time Perry has ever slept on a bed

The you are lucky I am sharing MY chair stage
It took alot of patience on our part and alot of trust from Perry but he is now alot more comfortable and content to hang out with us. He and Mini piwi are like a couple of  toddlers playing and he likes to watch TV and sleep next to Miss K when he sneaks into her room. In the evenings when everyone else is asleep he can usually be found on my lap or on chair somewhere. He has come along way since the days he wouldn't even leave his cat carrier! Welcome home Perry!