Monday, December 17, 2012

The Library trip with books about Angel Pigs

This past week was a mixture of Measuring and Christmas. Our library choices started out that way. We found so many fun books. It was had to make our ten book pile but here are our favorites this week, in no particular order.

Angel Pig was a cute heart warming story about the true spirit of Christmas.
I would really like to get all of Ms Leedy's Math themed stories. Miss K really loved the dogs and it explained the Measuring concepts well.
I found this one, full of colorful photographs and clear text. Miss K sat down and read it cover to cover as soon as we got home. Mini Piwi decided if Big Sis liked it, it must be exciting and carried it around for the afternoon. The following day she also insisted we weigh apples like on the cover of the book.
Spiderus from the 'Little Miss Spider' series has to learn about the joy in giving.
This is full of cute and easy Christmas art and craft...our favorite was the ice candle.
A cute collection of short Cat tales, quotes and facts. Being a big Cat fan, Miss K chose this one and has been reading quotes aloud to us all week.

We love all of Lisa Bergen's books. She has a great Christian YA series I can thoroughly recommend Waterfall: A Novel (River of Time Series)
I am reading this aloud as it is full of great facts about the way different countries and cultures celebrate Christmas. Miss K is working on a Christmas around the world lap book from Home school share.
Bear's buddies try to keep him awake to celebrate Christmas. I think we can all appreciate being woken up early for Christmas present opening!

This beautiful story from Mexico was new to all of us. We really enjoyed this and 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' by Tomie DePaola.

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