Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mini Piwi & the Scales

There are so many nice printables for Christmas! Mini Piwi had fun with the tracing ones -she wanted to do all the ones I had printed in one go..

Every day this week we had at least one set of scales out for Big Sis's Math. Mini Piwi usually claimed it after our lesson and weighed everything from Christmas decorations to toys.

I really thought this decorating activity would be a hit but Mini Piwi is started to frustrated if a star  wasn't perfectly placed....We moved onto something else.

Christmas Super Shapes inspired by Team unizoomi as part of our Hands on Math projects
Also as part of our Hands on Math projects this week we did allsorts with Candy canes. Comparing sizes and mass and using them to measure the table.
Mini Piwi also became her big sis's fashion model this week and I was treated to multiple fashion shows.

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Printable packs we were loving this week: