Monday, March 4, 2013

The BFG Unit Study: Snozzcumbers cooked four ways

We spent the week reading Roald Dahl's, The BFG. Miss K thought it was awesome! We extended this book with lots of activities. The most memorable event of the week was when I announced we were going to eat some Snozcumbers.  The look on Miss K's face was priceless.

On Friday we went to HEB and lurked around the produce department looking for 'baby Snozcumbers'. It is times like this that I really appreciate the anonymity that frequent relocation brings lol! If your kids are going to be racing around the store raving on about Snozcumbers and giants, it is better no one knows you. The kids decided cucumbers and zucchinis would be good substitutes.

That day we managed to eat snozcumbers for Afternoon tea, dinner and dessert! Whats more, even Mini Piwi enjoyed them Apparently all I had to do to get her to eat her vegetables is too tell her that the BFG says they are 'filth some and disgusting'!

For an afternoon snack the Piwis enjoyed baby snozcumbers (cucumbers) and mama's 'ranch' with Frobscottle. I wish I had thought to make can labels for Frobscottle!

Friday is (homemade) pizza night so we added the other Snozcumber variety (zucchini) to our favorite Pizza recipe. Turns out you really can't taste them on pizza!

I grilled the last of Snozcumbers with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. I was obviously pushing my luck! Mini Piwi wouldn't touch them but Miss K did try them and announce them to be ok...Never mind, Piwi Daddy and I enjoyed them!

For dessert we made these awesome Chocolate Muffins from the Happy Herbivore. They are a family favorite and until now the Piwi's had no idea they had zucchini in them...oooppps! I add the optional chocolate chips to them and they taste like chocolate pudding!
Chocolate Muffin clipart from

So there you have it -Snozcumbers cooked four ways!

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