Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In search of Crispy pizza

In our household we are all about thin and crispy pizza. Up until now we have bought ready made thin bases and cooked them on our pizza stone (one of our best kitchen investments). It worked great! Recently we saw a re-run of Cooks country and they were making St Louis style pizza. It had a super thin, crisp base. It also looked easy to make. Suspiciously easy!

I found a version of the recipe here on Food.com. Mini Piwi and I made it on Christmas night for dinner. Miss K was busy with her guitar writing songs about Perry the cat. This recipe was everything it promised to be! It turned out exactly like on TV and everyone loved it!

I thought about it afterwards and it really was a great sensory activity for Mini Piwi. Rolling, kneading, sprinkling and spreading. She was also so proud of showing off the final product to Daddy and Miss K.

 I even made myself a dairy free version with my standard pizza topping -1/2 c pizza sauce, 1/4 c silken tofu and 1/8 c nutritional yeast. I would usually put a bit of mustard and yellow Miso in there too, but I was out. For cheese lovers it doesn't sound super exciting. If you can't or don't eat cheese this is an alternative to get the pizza taste we love.

The Pizza stone we have had for nearly two years (it is well travelled too) is the one recommended by America's test kitchen.

We freaked out initially at the $40 price tag but then decided to buy it as a Christmas gift to ourselves -romantic! lol. Since then I have used a lot for pizza and breads. It is definitely something I would buy again.

While I am talking about America's test kitchen. We love watching the show, the recipes are made for everyone to be able to follow. They are also our reference for all things cooking. We have yet to be disappointed by any of the products and appliances on their list. We purchased the recipe collection years ago and it too has a section of recommendations in that. If I even mention perhaps needing something for the kitchen Piwi Daddy is off consulting the book. There is an update version put out each year....

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