Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monet Art study

This week Miss K is working on a France unit Study. For LA we use Learning Language Arts Through Literature . Each week-long lesson works with an except from children's literature or a specific book. I had saved the Madeline 'literature link' for this unit study. It was also a great opportunity to study Monet.

We began our study by looking at a timeline of Monet's art.  It was a great way to learn about his life and the creation of impressionism. I had made up an art study lapbook for Miss K to use.

It included mini books to record information about Monet's life and impressionism. There are also mini books for 8 paintings. In these Miss K is able to record what she saw and background information. We are looking at two pieces of Monet art each day this week.

We started with Water lilies, 1914.

Miss K used Oil pastels to create her Lillie pad leaves and flowers. She worked on the shapes of the leaves and shaded them with greens and pinks like she observed in Monet's painting. Blue water colors were painted around the leaves and she chose to paint over the flowers and other shading. Finally she wet the paper with her brush with water to change to create a water effect.

She worked so hard and made a beautiful piece of art....

Mini Piwi also did Pre K Monet

Some useful books I found: