Friday, September 28, 2012

A for Alligator...or glitter 'gator

Mini Piwi started learning the alphabet this week. I was planning on waiting until next year and sticking with shapes and colors but she is so interested in Miss K's writing and was practically sleeping with her letter jigsaw. Once again I am sooo thankful for 1+1+1=1 and 2 teaching mommies.
proudly gluing her alligators onto the letter A

Making a glitter 'gator. The glitter has been out for just about every activity since she made Miss K's birthday day card

Mini Piwi makes her own flash cards -we glued the pieces onto card and laminated them. The benefits of lamination are 3 fold in this case. Mini Piwi can trace the letters with dry erase crayons, the cards are more durable and we could add glitter....

Any nearly as exciting as glitter was the discovery that her favorite puzzle also had an alligator on it....
Melissa & Doug ABC puzzle

For this unit we used the A is for Alligator printable from Animal ABCS  @Totally tots