Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Workboxes: Funny Cats and Minnie Mouse

Here are the work box pictures I promised. We having been using the Work box system for over a month and it is working well for everyone. Miss K knows whats going on each day, no longer asks how much more she needs to do or what we are doing next. She knows that if she wants to get to art or science we need to get the subjects before it done.

I used the number labels from Robin @ Heart of wisdom. The Subject cards I made myself as a Surprise for Miss K.  We complete 10-12 boxes each day, Lunch, snacks and breaks don't have their own boxes. The day planner shows where they go. As each box is completed, Miss K takes the corresponding card off the planner and has a visual countdown the the end of the 'school day'. We are definitely getting a lot more done each day.
Mini Piwi has her own boxes, she might do some or all of them each day depending on her mood. I just let her guide how long she wants to do each activity for. With her own boxes she feels included, is less inclined to mess with Miss K's boxes and enjoys the different activities she finds in there each day.

Mini Piwi has 5 boxes in total. The top one on the Right hand side is a small dish rack that we use for puzzles and books and other over size items that won't fit in the drawers. Below it is one with a click for Playdoh, paint dots etc.