Friday, January 11, 2013

Letter of the week: O

We spent our Christmas vacation at the beach, the Piwi's enjoying beachcombing for shells. Seeing the ocean made me homesick for New Zealand. Where I grew up the beach in this weeks button (above) was just minutes away.
Up until now, Mini Piwi was all about glue, scissors, paint and glitter. She would insist all projects needed  to be cut out & glued onto another piece of paper. Monday and Tuesday we read books  and did some O for ocean themed printables from twoteachingmommies

.... made an ocean bag. I posted about all the sensory activities we did for Ocean week here.

As of Wednesday the rules changed (and I didn't get the memo). Mini Piwi told everyone she didn't like books and did not want to do anything with glue. So I pulled out some other activities I had planned...

Mini piwi went 'fishing' in the sink

Played Letter race

Made O is for Oatmeal cookie balls. Mini Piwi likes watching the mixing but not the noise.

Played with the Ocean shapes sensory bin

By Thursday afternoon I was starting to run out of inspiration. Thankfully, the post-lady turned up with our order from The Mailbox. I had purchased several pre laminated Pre k theme sets on sale last week. I quickly cut out some of the cards and Mini Piwi loved the first activity so much she wanted to play it all evening. As usual the packaging it came was also great entertainment. In this case it was sheets of humongous white paper. The crayons got a good workout on that.


As far as the printables and glue go, I'll just leave them in her work boxes and if she wants to grab them they are there. If there was any doubt in our minds, Mini Piwi is 3 now and all that comes with it. She is full of cuteness and curiosity and wanting to do it all correctly, the first time (by herself!).

Resources we used this week:

The Mail box theme kit: Beach & Community helpers (pre laminated)

Big pack of plastic sea creatures

Ocean unit from Two Teaching mommies

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