Friday, September 20, 2013

MagicBlox Online Kids library: Read Great Books for Free!

This is a Sponsored Post. I received compensation in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own

I would love for my children to have a vast home library! Like most families, however, purchasing and storing hundreds of books is out of the question. We use the local libraries, but are never able to visit as often as we would like.

Recently I was introduced to a kids book library that you can 'visit' at any time of the day or night! is an online children's library that features over 600 titles for ages 1-13 years. Every week new books are being added by Authors and Publishers from all over the world.

The cost is as exciting as the variety of fiction and non fiction titles!  Read one new book each month for free!  Upgrade to unlimited family access for less than $4 a month.

The site is bright, fun and easy to navigate. All of the books can be previewed on the homepage. Browse by Reading level or Subject. Looking for a less traditional story time? Search by feature such as Narration or Music. Many titles are also offered in a bilingual format so they can be also read in Spanish, Italian, and French.

Once you have selected your title, click on it to launch the book reader. If it is not yet on your reading list you are able to preview several pages before deciding if that is going to be your book selection for the month.

The first book we selected was 'The Tangle Fairy' by Seema Barker. The illustrations by Kirsten Richards are as cute and colorful as they would be in a physical book. My daughters loved how the reader made it look and sound like the page in the book was actually turning! Currently we use MagicBlox on our PC. I was excited to hear that there is a MagicBlox app coming soon for iOs and Android Devices.
Magicblox fits our need for a low cost and portable way to access kids book. An added bonus is the
chance to discover books we may not see in our local library!
Along with Traditional publishers Magicblox works with authors and independent publishers from all over the world. Every book is reviewed and categorized before it is uploaded to the library so you can be sure your children will be reading quality books.

Visit MagicBlox childrens' library to view all the great titles and register for your free membership today!

Be sure to tell your friends and earn a free month of full access (see site for details).
Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although the post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.