Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cooking with Mama

Today I was on a mission to use up some Pantry items before the move. We got this huge bottle of amazing maple syrup and I would hate for it to go to waste. The piwi's were just about in the kitchen before me when they realized I was about to bake. Mini Piwi was scraping her 'helping chair' along the lino and Miss K has a was in the cupboard looking for the flour. Nothing like good assistants!

So today I experimented a bit to use up stuff. We made Blueberry Oatmeal bread and Upside down apple crumble muffins. When clean up time came the Piwi's mysteriously disappeared until they heard the oven timer go off! The apple muffins were popular with the Piwis and Daddy really liked the blueberry bread.

I am still working on my cooking blog but once it goes live the recipes will be here!