Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Lapbook

This week we are technically on winter vacation but if I learnt anything from summer, it was that we need to be busy with something. If we stop everything it is very hard to get the momentum going again. The kids love all things art and craft so the lapbooks are a great way to learn and create at the same time. This week we made a fun Christmas themed lapbook. It was also a great chance to use lots of the Christmas books, stickers and goodies Kiwi Grandma sent!
Folded out

Favorite Song, What I love about Christmas, Other names for Christmas

The Nativity, the best present ever, what Jesus wants for Christmas

Title Page

Wish list and 'If I had a reindeer'
Writing numbers in Spanish

More awesome Christmas printables can be found at
My Favorite unit studies

E-book and printables

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