Friday, July 29, 2011

Monster Cookies and Apple Turnovers for a Pool party

Tomorrow Miss K and I are off to a 'school' pool party. She was so excited to show off her new swimming skills and to meet some of the kids she will be attending feildtrips and classes with this year. How excited was she? is a potluck lunch so I asked Miss K what she thought we could take. In hindsight I should not have asked the party planner in training. As with any party (or potential for one) she had thought a lot about this and had a long list of ideas ready for me. With some negotiation I got off 'lightly' with Cookies,  Apple turn overs and lemonade. If Miss K had her way I would have also baked several varieties of pie and Lemon bars.


The Apple turnovers or empanadas were made using store bought empanada wrappers (I used the Goya brand found in the freezers of most grocery stores).
The filling for each turnover was1 teaspoon apple butter and 2 Tablespoons diced granny smith apple. Fold the wrapper, crimp the edges with a fork and brush with an egg wash. The kids can never get enough of this part. Follow the cooking instructions on the back of the pack and you end up with a impressive looking pastry that tastes great!