Saturday, September 7, 2013

Making a Bed for Dolls and Teddy Bears

Miss K really loves looking through the  American Girl doll catalogue. I would have been the same at that age! These days it gives me sticker shock! As for Piwi Daddy, well we could have won big $$$ on America's Funniest Home Videos if we had recorded his reaction to the price of this accessory (not an affiliate link).

Needless to say we are not likely to be purchasing two AG beds anytime soon. Instead I promised to make them. They were simple and inexpensive to make. If you have time, some fabric (or old pillow cases), a box and some duct tape then you can make this for your little doll or stuffed animal fan.

Making the Bed

Diaper Boxes were something we had in excess and use now to transport school supplies when we move.  I also discovered this week that the long 'Huggies' Diaper Boxes are a perfect size for an 18" Doll. Cut the box down to a height of 2 inches and cover it in some fancy Duct tape. You have now have doll 'bed base' measuring 18" x 9" x 2" (depth).

Making a Mattress 

To Make a walled mattress to fit the inside of a doll 'bed' measuring 18" x 9" x 2" I used:
  • 2 pieces of fabric 20 x 11"
  • 2 pieces 3" x 12"
  • 2 pieces 3" x 21"

Instead of just stitching the two large pieces together as you would to make a pillow slip, you will need to stitch the 3" strips to each side of the larger piece. Be sure to leave a 3 inch gap on one of the side seams so you can turn it in the right way. The ends of the strips are then sewn shut to produce a sharp corner.  Stuff the mattress with enough filling to be firm and hand stitch the gap. It takes a bit more time and a few extra seams than a simple pillow but you end up with a thicker and flatter mattress. We tried using a regular pillow shape and the dolls tended to roll off easily.

For the Sheets

Cut a piece of fabric 18 x 22" and hem all salvage edges. I added a wide ribbon for extra decoration (and so we could tell the sheets apart).

The kids were very happy with the final product and love tucking Kendra and Mama into bed each night. Yes, our 3 year old named her Doll 'Mama'. It is not often you have a doll named after you!

I suspect this is only the beginning of my adventures with making Doll accessories!