Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weather themed Baths: 3 recipes for Fun.

These bath activities were an extension of Mini Piwi's W is for Weather week. We had a mini science lesson talking about what the bath activity was for (eg. snow, clouds etc). At least one bedtime book was chosen to tie into the theme.

We needed some snow for weather week so I froze a little blob of shaving foam to see what would happen. The results was a marshmallow like texture that didn't disintegrate like room temperature shaving foam.

Making Chilly Snowman Soap:
 Freeze tennis ball sized blobs for 5 hours. While the kids has fun melting them in the bath we talked about how snow is different from rain.

A Sunny days bath
This was Miss K's idea. We colored the water with blue food coloring and made Shaving foam clouds on the surface of the water. When we gently swirled the water the 'clouds' moved and started to make shapes. The kids had fun trying to point out what each one looked like.

Stormy Bath paint

To color the shaving foam I used the same technique In lieu of preschool shared for 'Lava Paint'. The yellow was nice and bright for painting lightening and for the cloud I used blue and red by not thoroughly mixing we ended up with a great multicolored effect for the clouds.

The Hail wash (declared to be the most fun) 
All you need is a $1 silicone ice cube tray, shower gel and food coloring. Fill up each 'cube' space with the gel and drip a tiny drop of food coloring on the surface. Use a Q tip or old chopstick (I use the same one to mix up all our shaving foam paints) to distribute the coloring. It took 24 hours for them to freeze solid.

Next week we move onto a another letter and I am wracking my brain for some more inspiration...I have a few ideas, lets see how they all work out...

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