Sunday, March 17, 2013

Preschool Puddles:Easy to make Water cycle model

Mini Piwi had fun learning about the water cycle in a fun and colorful way. A Toddler or Preschooler may not know about Precipitation and Evaporation just yet but, they do know all about puddles!

This week we got some rain and lots of big puddles to splash in. Mini Piwi was disappointed that the puddles weren't there by the next morning. I used this game/activity to explain where the puddles had gone.

1. I explained that we were pretending that the pile of colored mini pompoms represent a puddle on the ground. The cotton balls are a cloud in the sky.
2. The sun shines on the puddle. We used Mini Piwi's sun puppet, but we could have used a ball or balloon.
3. The heat of the sun 'picks up' the drops of water in the Puddle and it is 'added' to the cloud.

4. Mini Piwi added all the pompoms to the cloud until it was big and puffy.

5. When the cloud got full it rained and all the raindrops fall to the ground again. The pompoms fall off the cotton balls when you roughly shake the whole thing.
Mini Piwi did this over and over and thought it was hilarious when it 'rained'.  All the giggling bought Big sis over to the table and she got 'rained on' too.
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