Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holy week actvities part 1: Palm Sunday Donkey Craft

This week is our version of Spring Break 2013. All our regular curriculum is set aside for a Holy week unit study.

I wanted the Piwi's to work on it together so instead of a going with a set unit study we designed a relaxed one of our own.We started Palm Sunday with some arts and crafts

 We made our own version of the Clothespin donkey craft from Piwi painted the donkey and clothespins and then added self adhesive felt for the mane and tail.The other cute activity we found at Catholic icing: Hand print donkey craft.

We added our Palms to the finished product and Miss K surprised me with a palm bracelet decorated with the blossoms she had collected at the park. So sweet!

Our Bedtime book was Humphry's first Palm Sunday by Carol Heyer. The camel we loved, in Humphry's first Christmas, is back and in Jerusalum as Jesus arrives triumpantly. The illustrations are just as adorable and funny as the original! It is one we intend to add to our bookshelves!

The bible study of our unit study is from the free Calvary Chapel curriculum. 

I printed out the bible studies related to all the events of Holy week. Each lesson has a memory verse, questions, a word puzzle and coloring page. We read the scripture passage aloud, answer the questions together and then Mini Piwi and I color while Miss K does the puzzle. We are a couple of lessons in and this is working well.