Friday, March 23, 2012

Stems! Plant straws

Miss K looks at the red tinted leaves
 The piwis observed the result of an experiment we started yesterday. They placed several stalks of celery into a glass of colored water (we used blue and red food coloring). I had cut off bottom of the stalks so water could get in more quickly. We left them overnight and today we saw can show how plants transport water. The experiment demonstrates osmosis, the process which plants use to get water from their stem all the way through the leaves.

 Cutting the outside layer away we could clearly see the Xylem of the stalk -the tiny tubes that water travels through.
We also started a model of a plant. The stem is represented by the paper towel roll, the straws are the xylem and the plant tissue is shown with the plastic. We will be adding the 'green outside layer, leaves and roots as we go