Monday, November 26, 2012

Early start to Advent

So today we got to make our first Craft for Truth in the tinsel. We started a week earlier than our advent Calendar so we could also begin the Amanda Bennet online Christmas Co-op. The extra days also mean we can hopefully get all the crafts during the weekdays and do some other family fun we have planned for the weekends.

Without giving too much away for the folks who haven’t seen the lil' Kid Advent Meditation. Our first theme today was light and we made a candle craft.  It was only the first day but I am definitely sold on Truth in the Tinsel.  It held the attention of my 3 and 7 yr. old and they both enjoyed the craft. It was simple enough for Mini Piwi to make and something that Miss K could do by herself and add her own touches to it. Amanda points out in the e-book that you can easily adapt the crafts to what you have on hand. For example, today I couldn’t print out a template.  Thankfully the new printer is on its way.  After a few attempts I managed to cut out a rectangular version of the frame without the template.
They got to ripping up paper and gluing to make a very cute ornament.
For now they are hanging on the fridge while they await the arrival of our Christmas tree.  Did I mention we had moved again?

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