Sunday, November 4, 2012

D is for Dinos

While we were at the Houston Nature and Science Museum last Month we got to take a look at their huge new Paleontology! even if I wasn't a Dino fan I would have been impressed. This isn't the dusty musty Museum halls I visited as a kid! After our visit Mini Piwi started talking about them a lot! It was a good thing we were ready for the letter D!

This week we did a lot of cutting, gluing, tracing and coloring. Instead of making up the tot book this week I just pulled out one activity at a time and then added them to a folder to make a 'Dino guide'. This seemed to work well. Mini Piwi often took an activity and put her own swing on it. 

Inspired by her first visit we have been making Dino prints, Dino parks, Dino houses...

Instead of Dot markers this week, she wanted to 'write' like big sis

Dino Size sequencing

Our second trip to HMNS -'wow that is big!'

. I checked which skeletons they had in the exhibit and printed off there pictures from Zoom Dinosaurs.  Mini Piwi colored each one as she found it.
Making her own dino cards from the Dino Number stomp printable

Coloring the dinosaurs for the creature feature match cards we made from the Dinosuar train printable
creature feature matching

Dino train car sizes