Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School

Things started off slowly and without any great fanfare last week. Last year we made a big deal of starting first grade work, decorating and talking about starting school again and after a couple of days of excitement, Miss K was over it. This year I decided to play it cool, casually mentioned I would fill up the new workboxs on Monday. To my surprise, it went fairlly smoothly and without complain. Of course there is always the possibility of it still being a novelty and this week might be very different. I am (perhaps naively) confident that this our new work book set up should keep things more exciting...I am just itching to try out a bunch of work box filler ideas that are all over the web.

I will post our curriculum and workbook set up on our 'classroom' page when we have our camera back. Unfortunately last month our camera started straining in Auto focus and it is now at the camera Dr somewhere in Virginia.