Friday, July 29, 2011

Big sister reads...Calm down Boris!

While I made grilled cheese I saw Mini Piwi give her (current) favorite book to her big sister. What happened next made me quickly and quietly grab my phone to record the moment. Miss K got the little chairs and gave Mini Piwi and her 'baby' an impromptu story time.
The book she is reading is Calm down Boris! by Sam Lloyd. New Zealand Grandma and Grandpa sent it over a couple of years ago for Miss K. We rotate our small library of kids books to keep them more interesting. Mini Piwi took a shine to it after seeing it when it came out a storage box. She thinks the star of the book, a little monster puppet (Boris) is hilarious. The story is very cute and all about a monster who loves to give tickley kisses and nibble fingers. Unfortunately everyone thinks he needs to calm down, that is until one day Boris can save the day with his energy.