Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brainstorming for this week's Theme

We have been with California Virtual Academies. When we moved to Texas we could no longer be enrolled in a what is effectively a charter school funded by the state of CA. We have stayed privately with K12 but it seemed crazy to pay for 1 semester with only 8 weeks to go. So for now, we are flying solo.
We had finished all the CAVA K curriculum and we didnt want to move just yet to the next grade level. The remainder of this 'School year' will consist of Phonics and Math practice. Along with this, for a bit of a change, we have been alternating between a science and history theme. To date we have had Rock and Mineral Week, Pioneer Week & Project Caterpillar/Butterfly.

This week is White house week. We hope to take a Summer trip to DC and see it for ourselves.

On Friday night we sat down to think of all the things Miss K wanted to learn about the White house, President Obama and the first Family. Here they are (in no particular order).
  • What kind of animals and pets live there.
  • Where can they walk their dog?
  • How old is the White house?
  • Who built it and why was it built in Washington DC?
  • How many rooms are there?
  • Can we visit?
  • What kind of food can you eat there?
  • Is it white inside too?
  • Does it have a pool?
  • How many parties do they have at the White house?
  • Can the Presidents children play there?
  • How long does the president work each day?
  • Does the President get a vacation?